Endodontics Treatment in Heath, TX

Endodontics is a specialized field in dentistry that focuses on the treatment of the soft pulp that exists inside every tooth. While teeth have a hard surface called enamel that protects the outer layers, inside is a mass of soft pulp, flesh, and nerves that helps maintain overall health and wellness. This pulp extends from the interior of the crown – the main part of the tooth – down through the root canals and into the gums themselves.

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Endodontic Issues

Someone who is experiencing a problem with the pulp of their teeth is most likely suffering from decay or an infection caused by having a cavity or exterior damage to the enamel. Some problems occur because of a physical injury, but the most common reason for pulp damage is poor oral hygiene. An individual who does not brush or floss daily puts themselves at risk of developing cavities, which occur when the sticky substance called plaque eats through the enamel. When plaque does so, it exposes the pulp and puts it at risk of infection.


The most common type of endodontic treatment is the root canal. Although root canals have been stereotyped as being invasive and painful, the truth is modern dental advancements have made this procedure painless and straightforward. During a root canal, the site is numbed using a general anesthetic that allows a dentist to complete their work.

To access the pulp, a dentist will drill a hole in the crown of the tooth. They then use specialized tools to scrape and remove the decayed or damaged pulp and reshape the root canals that connect the tooth to the gums and jawbone. Once finished, the interior is sanitized and filled with a substance called gutta-percha, which is applied in layers and allowed to harden. The top of the tooth is then reshaped, and dentists will sometimes apply a synthetic crown for extra protection.

What to Do

If you or a loved one might require endodontic treatment, don’t be afraid to make an appointment as soon as possible to prevent further pain or decay. Here at Arc 32 Family Dentistry, we serve Heath, TX and the Rockwall area, and take pride in our quality of care and will meet with you at your convenience to ensure your smile remains happy and healthy. Visit us today for endodontics treatment near you today!

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