Dental Crowns in Heath, TX

Dental professionals often divide the tooth into two central components when talking about procedures: the crown and the roots. The crown is the larger portion that sits above the gums and is frequently exposed to plaque and the hazards of eating, drinking, chewing, and speaking. Sometimes, either through physical injury or decay, the crown becomes damaged, or the enamel is worn away, revealing the soft pulp and nerve underneath. To help protect the tooth, a dentist might recommend the application of a synthetic dental crown to fix the issue.

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What Is a Crown?

A dental crown can best be described as a cap that is placed over a tooth to protect it from further damage. The cap is made out of a material like a synthetic composite resin, porcelain, or even gold or silver. The crown is cemented into place to stop it from falling out, and will often be used to provide a new chewing surface or to cover a cavity.

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When Do Patients Need Crowns?

Most patients will require a crown in one of the following situations, primarily as an adult:

  • A tooth is weak, and the patient wants to prevent further decay or cracking
  • A tooth is broken and needs to be held together for regular use
  • A tooth needs to be supported because a cavity ate away most of the enamel or internal structure
  • A tooth is too short or features another cosmetic imperfection that annoys the patient
  • A dental bridge needs to be held in place
  • The patient wants to cover misshapen or discolored teeth to create a more pleasing smile

The Procedure

Before applying a dental crown, a dentist will request that the patient come in for regular cleaning and exam to ensure the crown is the right choice. The mouth will then be anesthetized, and the tooth receiving the crown will be filed down to make room for the new addition. Once the tooth is reshaped, a mold is made, and a temporary crown is placed. The patient will need to return to have the permanent crown attached using special cement. The tooth is then ready to use after 24 hours.

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