Fluoride Treatment in Heath, TX

Fluoride is one of the most beneficial forms of preventative dentistry, but it has experienced a surge of misinformation because few people understand what it actually is. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be turned into a liquid and applied to the teeth. Some fluoride is required to maintain overall oral health and wellness because the mineral helps rebuild the enamel of the teeth.

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Why Get a Fluoride Treatment Near You

Every day, your teeth are exposed to a broad range of natural hazards that wear down and chip away at the enamel that protects the soft interior pulp of the teeth. The number one enemy of enamel is plaque, a sticky substance that builds up over time from eating, drinking, and otherwise interacting with the world. When plaque isn’t properly brushed away, it remains and starts to attack and break down enamel. Over time, this leaves weak spots on the teeth.

Fluoride helps rebuild these weak spots. A basic fluoride treatment takes less than twenty minutes and is often done as part of regular cleaning. The fluoride is applied as a liquid to the teeth and allowed to sit for a short period. The topical fluoride will repair microscopic weaknesses in the teeth, helping prevent future problems like cavities.

Who Can Receive a Treatment

Patients of all ages can receive a fluoride treatment, and the procedure is crucial for young children who have more trouble maintaining basic oral hygiene. Although there are some parental concerns about fluorosis, fluoride is not toxic in the doses used by dentists or the small amount that is added to tap water in the United States. Fluorosis is a slight discoloration of the teeth. It occurs when a child is exposed to excess amounts of fluoride. However, the condition is not dangerous.

What to Do

If you are interested in fluoride treatment for you and your loved ones, make an appointment for a standard cleaning here at Arc 32 Family Dentistry. The procedure is done after the teeth have been brushed, flossed, and professionally cleaned by the dentist and associated hygienists near you.

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