Dental Veneers in Heath, TX

Here at Arc 32 Family Dentistry, we offer a broad range of procedures and treatments designed to straighten crooked teeth, whiten discolored ones, and even repair cracks, chips, and fractures. What we have discovered, though, is that many of our patients have more than one aspect of their smile that they would like to change. While we adhere to the idea that the best teeth are healthy ones, we also know that a person’s smile means a lot to them and can boost self-confidence. For this reason, we offer the installation of veneers to correct multiple issues and create a permanent solution for our patients.

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What Are They?

Veneers are thin barriers or shields that are placed over and around the teeth. The veneer is colored, shaped, and molded to craft a patient’s ideal smile, and can thus be straighter or whiter than an individual’s natural teeth. Veneers are often used when a patient wants a semi-permanent solution to the problems they are experiencing with their teeth but do not want to sit through numerous appointments to reshape, bond, or color their smile.

Veneers come in many shapes and sizes and can last for up to twenty years when taken care of properly. They are also available in a variety of materials, including porcelain and composites. For the many options of dental veneers near you get an appointment scheduled at Arc 32 Family Dentistry today!

The Procedure

When someone wants veneers, the first step is to have a thorough visual and tactile exam of their mouth to ensure oral health and wellness. Less than half a millimeter is then scraped away from the teeth that will have a veneer placed. This needs to be done to allow space for the veneer. A mold is then made of the teeth so the veneer can sit in place. A temporary model might be applied to protect the patient’s teeth until the veneers are ready.

Once the veneers are made, the patient returns. The teeth are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to ensure no plaque remains on the surface of the teeth. The veneer is then cemented in place and ready to use immediately. Because they are strong and durable, veneers are a great option for someone with naturally weak teeth.

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