Preventive Dentistry in Heath, TX

A common mistake people make is not paying attention to their oral health and hygiene when nothing feels wrong. Dental problems can creep up on you without warning, and some of the more serious conditions like periodontal disease don’t have notable symptoms until the problem has already progressed to the point of no return. To help combat problems before they truly get a chance to develop opt for preventive dentistry near you.

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is a special field that focuses on stopping issues before they have a chance to start. One of the greatest procedures dentists have is the regular checkup and cleaning, which helps eliminate plaque and catch the signs of issues like oral cancer, periodontal disease, and tooth decay before the problem progresses. Preventive care can also include the application of sealants to protect the teeth, the application of fluoride to restore the enamel, and basic instructions on how to properly brush and floss the teeth.

At Arc 32 Family Dentistry, we are a team of certified professionals having hands on the latest technology equipment to offer anything that falls under preventive dentistry in Heath, TX.

Why is Preventive Dentistry Important?

The main reason you should seek out this style of dentistry is to identify hidden dental issues that you might not have noticed. Most conditions won’t cause pain or discomfort until the problem has progressed, especially cavities, tooth decay, and issues with the gums. Failing to catch these problems early can lead to expensive treatment later on, as well as potential tooth loss. For many people, preventive care can mean the difference between mild plaque buildup and severe dental infection.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

The good news is most dental insurance plans will cover the cost of basic preventive treatment. For example, almost every insurance provider will include two free cleanings and free oral cancer screening each year to help individuals maintain their oral health and wellness. Even if you are someone who doesn’t have insurance, preventive care is inexpensive, with cleanings often costing less than $200.

How to Get Started

It’s never too late to start visiting the dentist near you on a regular basis. If you would like to get on the path of oral health and wellness, call Arc 32 Family Dentistry, today to schedule an appointment. We also proudly serve preventive dentistry near Rockwall area. Visit us now!

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