Dental Fillings in Heath, TX

You know that pain in your tooth that’s prohibiting you from eating the foods you love? Often, pain and discomfort are signs of a cavity. Diet and poor dental hygiene practices make you more prone to cavities, but sometimes, you’re more likely to develop a cavity as a result of a medication you take.

At Arc 32 Family Dentistry, serving Heath, TX, and the nearby region, we provide dental fillings to stop further decay and preserve the tooth. For dental fillings near Rockwall area we are the one stop destination because all our services are offered after carefully looking into the patient’s dental health status and the required care.

About Dental Fillings in Heath

A dental filling is a material a dentist uses to stop decay from occurring in a tooth. Our dentist may use a filling to repair a tooth damaged from teeth grinding or nail-biting. Once you have a filling in your tooth, it relieves the pain caused by a cavity or broken portion of your tooth.

Rockwall dentists may use amalgam, which consists of a metal like silver, tin, copper, or zinc mixed with mercury. It’s possible to fill your tooth with gold, porcelain, plastic, ceramic, composite resin, or glass ionomer. A practitioner from Arc 32 Family Dentistry helps you decide on the ideal material for you based on the extent of the damage, location in your mouth, price, and also your insurance coverage. Generally, dental fillings that match the color of your teeth are more expensive than metal. For some individuals, it’s best to use them on front teeth only.

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What to Expect When Getting Dental Fillings in Heath

Typically, dental fillings performed at Arc 32 Family Dentistry take about 15 minutes, but this varies based on the extent of the damage. Our dentist begins the process by giving you a local anesthetic to numb the area. Then, our dental practitioner uses a drill to remove decay and shape the tooth to prepare it for the filling.

The process of filling the tooth varies based on the type of filling. You may need a liner. Then, our dentist applies the material into the crevice. Depending on the kind, our dentist may apply a light to the area, so it hardens quicker and more thoroughly.
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