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Pain-free cleanings and fillings with the the best laser technology!

Many people fear visiting the dentist because they are afraid that getting a filling or having a deep cleaning of their teeth will hurt. Fortunately, with new dental technology, painful dental procedures may be a thing of the past. The Solea® Dental Laser puts patients at ease during most procedures because they are pain-free.

What is the Solea® Dental Laser?

Instead of using a dental drill to remove decay from a tooth or to open a tooth for a root canal, our dentists at ARC 32 Family Dentistry in Heath, TX use the Solea® Dental Laser. It is a CO2 laser system with FDA approval for soft and hard-tissue procedures.

The laser uses a computer-guided wavelength to do procedures on both teeth and gums. Most dental services are virtually painless for most patients, many of whom don’t need anesthesia for them. This system is also noiseless and vibration-less, so it creates a relaxing atmosphere for patients.

What Type of Procedures it Performs

The Solea® system isn’t limited to what it can do either. It can fill cavities or do complex surgeries that may require cutting tooth enamel or bone. It is also great for patients of all ages and it’s safe for pregnant women who won’t need to worry about how procedures might affect their babies.

This technology gives ARC 32 Family Dentistry an advantage over other dental practices in Heath, TX. It can provide the care people need without using sedatives or anesthesia, so patients don’t need to worry about their side effects. It will change how many patients feel about future appointments with their dentists.

Get Right Back to Your Day

By visiting one of our dentists at ARC 32 Family Dentistry and receiving treatment from the Solea® system, you can get right back to work or school after your appointment. Your mouth won’t be numb, you can eat or drink right after leaving the dentist’s office, and you’ll be able to speak clearly on your phone or to clients.

Experience this pain-free futuristic laser dental service near you in Heath, TX today.

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