Preventive Dentistry: What is It and Why Is It Important?

Preventive Dentistry: What is It and Why Is It Important?

Sep 01, 2021

Most people engage in basic dental preventive measures like brushing and flossing. But, other than that, most of us do not pay close attention to our oral health. This can be a problem because several dental problems creep in without symptoms like periodontal disease. By the time you show any symptoms, the dental problem is in the advanced stages. Furthermore, dental problems can affect your overall health. That is why preventive dentistry in health is also important.

Preventive dentistry near Rockwall focuses on stopping dental problems before they occur. Taking advantage of the various preventive measures offers great benefits such as:

1. Dental problems are detected early

We recommend getting a dental assessment every six months. This allows our dentist to examine your teeth and jaw for any abnormalities. The regular assessment gives the dentist a chance to detect any problems on time and start treatment early.

As part of your routine checkup, the dentist may perform an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer, similar to most oral problems, does not have symptoms in the early stages. Mouth cancer is a potentially dangerous dental problem, and it contributes to around 30 percent of all cancer cases.

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, the problem with the surging numbers is the late detection. That is why it is recommended that you get screened annually. While anyone can get oral cancer, some people are more at risk, like people who smoke or chew tobacco.

2. Prevents decay and cavities

Bacterial infection is the primary cause of dental decay. Eating high sugar foods also contributes to the problem because the bacteria break down food and produces an acid solution, which attacks the teeth. Furthermore, the accumulation of plaques on the teeth can also cause gum infection.

Brushing and flossing get rid of the plaques, but you still need a routine dental cleaning. Our dentist in Rockwall, TX, will remove the accumulated plaques and prevent gum disease.

The dentist may also recommend dental sealants for children who are at risk of developing dental cavities. These are plastic coatings applied to the teeth to shield the teeth from bacterial attacks and cavities.

3. Strengthens the teeth

As part of your preventive dental measures, the dentist uses fluoride treatment. Every day, the teeth lose essential minerals like calcium and phosphate through demineralization. This leaves the teeth exposed and prone to acid attacks. However, the enamel can reverse and reabsorb the minerals using fluoride. Also, the mineral reverses minor dental cavities.

While you can get fluoride from toothpaste and mouthwash, fluoride treatment is still recommended, especially if you are at risk of developing cavities. Some of the factors that may need fluoride treatment include the presence of dental restorations and dry mouth. The dentist will apply a varnish, foam, or gel on the teeth and allowing the enamel to absorb the mineral.

The treatment is recommended every three, six, or twelve months depending on your risk to decay.

4. Protects you from other dental problems and saves you money

Dental problems, like decay and gum disease, affect your teeth and damage them. This will lead to other procedures like root canal that includes the removal of infected pulp. However, leaving the infection untreated will cause the teeth to weaken and need to be extracted.

Removal of your teeth leaves gaps in your gums that can lead to other problems like bone loss. Not replacing your teeth will cause the teeth to shift to the nearby space. Also, the reduction of bone density can weaken the teeth.

To replace the missing teeth, the dentist will recommend other treatments like bridges and implants, which are costly. These problems can be prevented with regular dental assessment and cleaning.

Other Preventive Measures?

The dentist may recommend mouthguards if you play contact sports or suffer from bruxism. The constant grinding and clenching of the teeth can cause the teeth to wear out, which causes the teeth to weaken.

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