Everything You Should Know about SOLEA® Laser Dentistry

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Everything You Should Know about SOLEA® Laser Dentistry

Nov 01, 2020

In modern dentistry, the use of laser technology is much higher than has been in ancient times. Today almost all dental procedures that can be performed traditionally, can be handled with laser technology. The reliance on technology for performing dental works has improved the practice and largely increased the success rates.

One popular type of laser technology being used in dentistry today is SOLEA® laser dentistry near you. Its significance in dentistry has grown tremendously, allowing for the performance of dental operations with more precision and effectiveness.

What Is SOLEA Laser Dentistry?

SOLEA is the leading all-tissue laser that is used in dentistry to perform multiple procedures. The technology features an isotopic CO2 that works at a wavelength of 9.3 microns, for a fast and smooth experience.It is highly dependable for soft tissue surgeries, and can even be used anesthesia-free.

How Does the Laser Treatment Work?

The technology works by producing a very narrow, intense beam of light energy. This energy comes to contact with the soft tissues of your oral cavity to reshape or even remove the affected tissue. These operations are conducted in different parts of the mouth depending on what the underlying oral need is. The laser treatment, therefore, can primarily be used to treat either the gingiva, dentin, enamel, or bone tissues in your mouth. The processes happen quickly and precisely, because of the focused nature of the energy.

When to Use SOLEA Dentistry

This laser technology has proven effective in dentistry, serving as an alternative to many conventional dental procedures. While SOLEA laser dentistry in Heath cannot do everything that other traditional procedures can, some of the following proceeds are possible with this new tool:

  1. Treating canker sores and removing other damaged tissues in your mouth
  2. Treating gum disease and performing gum grafting and bone grafting procedures
  3. Removing dental cavities
  4. Performing root canal therapy
  5. Placing dental fillings

What Are the Benefits of SOLEA Laser Dentistry?

It is not easy to celebrate new technology, especially if it is the first time you are learning about it. Many people, including dental experts, tend to be hesitant about trying out new technology because it means drastically changing their ways. However, what you must know is that technology is not the enemy. If anything, the introduction of technology in the medical field is the reason many health problems have solutions today.

In that light, giving laser dentistry a chance may prove more helpful than damaging. If you must find some more compelling reasons to consider SOLEA laser dentistry in Heath, TX, then consider the following benefits:

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  1. Increased precision – no spillage will cause the cutting of healthy tissues. The laser beams in this technology ensure precision so that the area of focus is only the damaged part of your oral cavity.
  2. Pain-free treatments – some dental operations are dreaded because of the potential amount of pain they can cause. In dentistry, reducing the pain levels of patients is crucial. SOLEA laser dentistry assures this, which is why sometimes procedures are performed anesthesia-free. Besides, you must account for the fact that some of the reason you experience more pain during a dental procedure is because of the damage caused to the surrounding, otherwise healthy, tissues.
  3. Reduced downtime – many patients are able to resume their day jobs after a procedure with SOLEA laser. The healing process after such procedures is much faster, given that the precision ensured no damage was incurred on the healthy tissues in your mouth.
  4. Time-saving – the technology gets the work done speedily. It also explains why this technology can be helpful in emergency dentistry for treating urgent dental problems.
  5. Improved productivity – with improved precision and reduced time, the productivity of dental experts increases tremendously.
  6. It is a safe means of dentistry – having to go under for long periods is a risky thing for patients. It is more so critical for those with several underlying health problems like heart diseases, or patients with pacemakers. Fortunately, with SOLEA lasers, you may not need to be sedated. It assures you of some level of safety that may not be guaranteed in traditional dental operations.

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