Common Urgent Dental Issues Treated in Emergency Dentistry

Common Urgent Dental Issues Treated in Emergency Dentistry

Jul 01, 2021

Dental emergencies are the worst kinds of dental issues. They are spontaneous and often happen at the most inconvenient time of life. The urgency of dental emergencies is what makes them that more dreaded. When you have an oral emergency, the best kind of response is that which involves visiting an emergency dentist immediately. This ensures that the dental issue can be curbed and managed before it causes irreversible damages to your mouth. This is the primary reason why emergency dentistry exists.

What is Emergency Dentistry?

It is a branch of dentistry that majors in urgent and rather severe dental problems that patients have. This specialty of dentistry is open for adults and children alike since dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any age. In many cases, patients associate dental emergencies with pain and bleeding. Even then, those are not the only indicators of dental emergencies. Many dental problems merit dental emergencies, especially when they pose a huge threat to the health of your oral cavity. This is why emergency dentists concentrate on all aspects of the human mouth, ranging from the teeth and gums to the throat and jawbone.

Top 6 Dental Issues Treated in Emergency Dentistry

Since there are many different specialties of dentistry, one may wonder what the particular specialization of emergency dentists is. When it comes to treating urgent dental problems, there are many of them to handle. Technically, any dental problem can turn into a dental emergency if it is severe and urgent enough. The common dental issues, however, are:

  1. Dislodged or knocked-out tooth – it is a very common problem, especially among children and sportspeople. It occurs after an external impact that puts unnecessary pressure on teeth, hence dislodging or completely knocking them out. In such a case, you must be vigilant about seeking emergency dentistry in Heath to help control the seriousness of the issue. For some patients, there is the risk of a broken jawbone and severely damaged gum tissue as a result of the trauma. Either way, if you visit emergency dentistry immediately, there is the hope of restoring your natural tooth.
  2. Damaged or lost oral appliances – if your dentist gives you an oral appliance to wear or installs it in your mouth, its role is to treat your underlying dental problem. When you damage or lose the oral appliance, then you sabotage your treatment. This merits a dental emergency, for oral appliances like metal braces, dental fillings, dental crowns, fixed dentures, to mention a few.
  3. Dental pain – for most patients in dentists’ offices in Heath, dental pain results due to advanced dental decay. Toothaches are the most popular dental problem in emergency dentistry. However, dental pain is not limited to toothaches. Pain in your gums, throat, jaw or any other part of your oral cavity can as well push you to require urgent dental care by an emergency dentist near you.
  4. Open wounds in your mouth – it is a problem witnessed after a traumatic accident. An injury in any area of your mouth can leave an open wound that requires immediate treatment. The open wound merits emergency dental care because of the risk of infection, prolonged bleeding as well as increased pain levels.
  5. Foreign objects in the mouth – the space between teeth is not big enough to accommodate large foreign objects. However, large objects can be stuck therein and be extremely difficult to remove. When this happens, it can hurt both your teeth and gums. Besides, the discomfort and pain resulting from such a situation can be unbearable. Instead of persisting on removing the objects with sharp items that may further damage your oral cavity, you need to be attended to by an emergency dentist near you.
  6. Allergic reactions affecting the oral cavity – food allergies may not all be critical for all patients. However, dentists in 75032 have handled several patients with adverse reactions in their mouths and other body parts because of allergies. Allergic reactions often become dental emergencies when you are not familiar with the specific allergic trigger and when the symptoms are very severe.
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