Can You Get Dental Bonding With Insurance?

Can You Get Dental Bonding With Insurance?

Oct 01, 2022

Cracks, chips, stains, and other cosmetic dental issues can taint any smile. Social gatherings can be a nightmare, your confidence levels can plummet, and you risk developing other dental issues such as tooth infections.

The best part is that we have several treatment options to help turn your smile into a work of art. Others may be pocket-friendly, while others might cost much more. However, dental bonding in Heath, TX, is an option that might intrigue you since it is affordable and gets the job done. But before we check the cost or if dental insurance covers dental bonding, we can get acquainted with what dental bonding is about.

What Is Meant By Dental Bonding?

In a nutshell, dental bonding is a dental procedure that uses composite resin to cover dental flaws. Resin has amazing properties; one of them is that it chemically bonds to the tooth, hence the name.

What’s more, composite resin looks like your natural teeth, so when your teeth are bonded, they will be as good as new.

Our dentist will roughen the surface of your teeth to provide the perfect surface for the resin to adhere to. Our dentist will apply the resin to your teeth and expose it to curing light, which will help them harden almost immediately. Once it is done, our dentist will shape, trim, and polish the resin to restore the appearance of your smile.

Besides dental aesthetics, composite bonding teeth can also strengthen them, adding more stability since composite chemically bonds to the tooth. Bonding is done to fix issues such as cracks, chips, gaps, cover stains, etc.

Dental bonding in Heath, TX, is relatively easy and can be done in a single visit.

Is Dental Bonding on Your Teeth a Good Idea?

Yes, it is. Several things can significantly alter your smile’s appearance but don’t need extensive treatment to rectify. Dental bonding is your go-to option when you have minor issues that you need to resolve in an affordable and timely fashion.

As mentioned earlier, resin chemically bonds to the teeth, meaning that cracked, fractured, or chipped teeth can be strengthened. What’s more, the material is safe, durable, and lifelike. You can go for dental bonding if you want a minimally invasive procedure.

Teeth bonding is a versatile dental procedure and can deal with several cosmetic dental issues simultaneously.

Are Dental Problems Covered in Health Insurance?

We all know that oral health is critical to your overall health. In other words, your oral health is directly associated with the health of other organs and is linked with diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.

But even though we know that your oral health affects your well-being, the two haven’t merged in terms of the insurance. Most companies will not cover dental care as part of the health insurance coverage. The reason could partly be that some dental treatments are quite expensive because of innovations, expensive setups, and lab work.

But under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health insurance plans may cover dental care only if you are a child. Health insurance will cover dental care if you wish to purchase it for someone under 18 years.

Is Tooth Bonding Covered By Insurance?

Whether or not dental bonding will be covered by dental insurance depends on several factors. If you wish to get dental bonding for gaps or to deal with stains, then there is a chance that dental insurance will not cover the cost. The reason is that most companies will not cover cosmetic dental procedures.

However, if you need dental bonding for functional reasons, you might have a different conversation with your insurance company. For instance, the insurance company might cover part of the cost if you want to get dental bonding done because you have a cracked, fractured or broken tooth.

The insurance company will consider the procedure necessary since it would prevent the tooth from further damage, eliminating the need for extensive dental work.

You can always reach out to your insurance providers and inquire. That is the only sure way to know the percentage of the cost they are willing to pay.

Also, remember there are other parameters that are checked, such as the waiting period determining if the cost will be covered when you need the treatment.

In any case, dental bonding is an excellent treatment. Contact us at Arc 32 Family Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

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