4 Things you should know Before Getting Dental Bridges

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4 Things you should know Before Getting Dental Bridges

Feb 01, 2021

Dental bridges have been used to restore patient’s lost smiles for some time now. Tooth loss can come announced and rob you of your beautiful smile. A couple of cosmetic dentistry options can fix this issue but bridges will give impressive results. Dental bridges in Heath have the ability to give you the self-confidence you need to smile in public.

Dental bridges fill up the gap your tooth leaves when it is knocked-out or extracted. The bridge consists of one or several false teeth that will replace your lost teeth. The crowns present on the bridge support the false teeth. Bridges will also improve your dental health after restoring your beautiful smile.

Dental Bridge Procedure

Dentists perform the dental bridge procedure in steps and require more than one dental visit. This is an invasive procedure that requires local anesthesia. The anesthesia will numb the site of the procedure so you won’t feel any pain. After administering the local anesthesia, the dentist will reshape your teeth to properly hold the crown.

Our dentist will then take the impression of the adjacent teeth and send it to the lab. In the lab, we use the impressions to make a custom bridge that will fit and last long. This is not done on a single visit. Our dentist will give you a temporary bridge as you wait for the permanent one. After a few weeks, you will revisit the clinic and have our dentist place the permanent bridge.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are many types of dental bridges in Heath TX. Your dentist will help you pick the right type of bridge for your missing teeth. Our dentist will suggest any of these dental bridges.

Traditional Bridges

This type of bridge depends on adjacent natural teeth for support. Your adjacent teeth need to be strong and healthy enough to support the bridge. The dentist shaves down the enamel of the natural teeth to accommodate the crown. We attach the crowns to the bridge to create a continuous set of teeth.

Maryland Bridges

Here we cement a metallic structure at the back of your teeth to offer the bridge enough support. This type of bridge does not interfere with your natural teeth.

Implant Supported Bridges

We use this type of bridge when we have to replace three or more missing teeth in a row. Our dentist places a dental implant on both sides of the bridge to offer support.

Why You Should Go for Dental Bridges

This procedure comes with several benefits. Here is why dental bridges can work for you if you have missing teeth.

Cheaper than Implants

Since this treatment option is not much invasive it costs less than implants. You will pay less for dental bridges. As your insurance may not cover the costs, it is important to go for an economical yet effective option.

Bone Grafting is Not Necessary

Since the jawbone starts to resorb once you lose your tooth grafting is necessary for some procedures. For instance, when getting dental implants, bone grafting is necessary if the bone has resorbed. The advantage with bridges is that bone grafting is not necessary.

Convenient than Dentures

Your dentist will recommend dental bridges over dentures if you have missing teeth. This is because your natural teeth will provide enough support. The case is different for dentures as they depend on gums for support. The sealant used in anchoring the denture is not secure.

The Procedure for Bridges is Faster

The procedure for getting dental bridges is faster than that of getting implants. This is because bone grafting is not necessary. You should go for bridges if you want to improve your smile within a short time.

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Why Dental Bridges May Not Work For You

This cosmetic dentistry option has its downsides. Here is why bridges may not work for you.

  • Your teeth will have to be shaved down which is irreversible as the enamel won’t grow back
  • Maryland bridges are known to cause damage to your existing natural teeth
  • Implant supported bridges are costly and they always take longer than other types
  • This treatment option won’t treat bone loss after you lose your tooth. Talk to your dentist about dental bridges near you before making a choice.

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